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Hosting Parties At Home

Article that was published in an Atlanta Parenting magazine – February 2014 

Hosting a party can of course be lots of fun, as it is enjoyable to be in charge of any celebratory event. However, it can also be a bit stressful, at least during the preparation process, to have a whole party depending on you. As a host, you may responsible from everything from food and drinks, to decorations, to music, etc. It can be a lot to handle, and can keep some prospective hosts busy for days leading up to a party, depending on what sort of party of course. However, it’s also important to remember to have fun with the preparations – don’t let them become a job, but instead, make them part of the party!

The trickiest part of any party preparation tends to be the decorating. To begin with, you’ll need to straighten up your home, or whatever venue you’re hosting the party in, in order to make it suitable for decoration. And then, you need to figure out what your party will look like, and all of the different little touches you want to add here and there. Here are a few tips to help get you started:

• Don’t overlook the entrance to your home. Many party hosts become preoccupied with the main areas where guests will be congregating, and neglect the entrance, which is where the guests will receive their first impressions of your party. Particularly if your party is going to have a theme – a holiday part, or something like that – you will want to decorate the entrance accordingly. Or, if your party is without a theme, you may still want to adorn the entrance to your home with decorative lighting, curtains, flowers, etc. – just something to make a warm initial statement.
• Your bar area needs to be inviting. Again, if you have a theme to your party, you can use this to decorate the bar and food area. If not, however, you need to make sure that the bar area is not just attractive for its drink and food selection. Think about bright tablecloths, appealing centerpieces, and things of that nature to draw people’s attention to the food and drink that you are providing.
• Try to arrange your home, in advance, in a way that allows for as much open space as possible. If you have a patio area stemming off of your kitchen or living room, for example, and the weather is suitable, make sure that the doors are open, inviting your guests to enjoy your space. Similarly, if the entire party is taking place indoors, make sure not to confine your guests to a single area – keep doors open, and decorate other rooms, to make it clear that you are opening your home for them to enjoy. This is a very hospitable gesture that will help guests to relax.

-Monica Lowry