Mommy Makeovers? Say what?!?

The following is a post I provided as a guest panel blogger for an online publication.

Getting back on your feet following pregnancy and childbirth is never easy. To begin with, new mothers are so busy with their infant children that it’s hard to address the issue of “catching up” on the things that couldn’t be bothered with during pregnancy. Most notably, it is very hard for mothers to find time to exercise strictly following childbirth, as much as they may want to. Of course, some of the weight gained in pregnancy disappears naturally with the birth of the child and in the weeks following, as the body readjusts to supporting just the mother, rather than the mother and child. However, many new mothers find that some of the weight remains, and would like to find more time to work out. Additionally, there are a number of other physical effects that tend to linger following pregnancies, and it is simply difficult for all of them to be addressed by natural means. This is why a number of new mothers turn to “mommy makeovers” or, plastic surgeries designed specifically for new mothers.

One popular part of the typical mommy makeover procedure is actually liposuction, which is a good way (when used in moderation) to get rid of lingering weight, particularly if you don’t yet have time to get back to the gym. Liposuction does not have to be reserved for extreme cases – in fact, it can be used to remove even small amounts of excess fat. So, while it isn’t a good idea to get in a habit of thinking that weight loss is this easy, it may be a decent idea to use the procedure to get back to a starting point at which you will be comfortable exercising again.

Breast augmentations are also quite popular among new mothers, as the breasts tend to experience a lot of natural changes during pregnancy, which can result in their appearing smaller or less firm. It is plain to see the benefits offered by breast augmentation if you simply glance at some breast implants before and after photos, which are available on many sites on the Internet. Ultimately, you do not need to go to the doctor looking for significantly larger breasts – but a surgeon can help you to regain the breasts you may have had before your pregnancy.

There are a number of other procedures that are also common in mommy makeovers. For example, a number of women feel that their faces have aged due to the stress and lack of sleep associated with having new babies – in these cases, it is not uncommon for new mothers to have facelifts not long after giving birth. Similarly, many new mothers invest in tummy tucks to get rid of excess, stretched skin that results from the significant weight gain of pregnancy. Ultimately, there are plenty of things that plastic surgery can do for new mothers – you need only do a bit of research to prepare yourself to get back on your feet quickly and effectively.


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